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Saluting Veterans and Shaming Big Pharma Drug Dealers

November 11th is a day spent honoring brave Americans that made the ultimate sacrifice—serving our country in the United States Armed Forces. The bravery of these men and women is truly unparalleled, and it is for this very reason that a long history of Big Pharma taking advantage of the quite literal pain of war is nothing short of shameful.

Before 9/11, drug corporations led by Purdue Pharma had developed new pain medications — the opioids that have filled our headlines with news of rampant addiction and death.  These drug companies spent big bucks targeting the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), convincing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that restricting the use of opioids was nonsense. By 2008, the Veterans’ Mental Health and Other Care Improvement Act, which instated pain evaluations for all vets, was drafted. To push the bill, drug company lobbyists launched a “Freedom from Pain” media blitz, enlisting veterans’ organizations to campaign for the bill and get it passed.

That’s not all.


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Medicare Part D doesn’t have to be Medi-scary: Ratings & Reviews

Happy Halloween from PharmacyChecker BlogSeemingly holding more tricks than treats, the notion of enrolling or even changing your Medicare Part D plan for 2018 can be just a little daunting. The ratings and reviews on help take the guesswork out of choosing a Medicare Part D plan. The free forums both empower and help you evaluate which plan will be right for you. These are real reviews submitted by real people. You can also rate and review your own Medicare prescription drug plans to help others learn from your experience.

The forums have invaluable comments, complaints, and suggestions about Medicare plans, including advice concerning the haunting coverage gap (the “donut hole”) and the path to low-cost medications from reputable online pharmacies.


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Ch-ch-ch-changes in Medicare Part D Plans

It’s time to shop Medicare Part D plans! Research shows that most of you are saying “why bother?” but you should know that those folks that change plans often lower their out-of-pocket drug costs. Each state has anywhere from 19-26 Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) you can choose from. We suggest you compare plans based on the drugs you take to avoid being hit with surprise out-of-pocket costs in 2018.

Here’s a heads up on the changes to look out for the 2018 plans:


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