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I’d be pretty upset if the next time I went to the pharmacy to pick up my asthma medication, the pharmacist asked me for $150. Why? Because I usually only pay $15 for it. Unfortunately, Americans all around the country might actually be facing this problem. In parts of Arizona, the price of a medication to treat valley fever rose 1,000%. At some Costco stores, the price of one dosage of Irbesartan jumped to about nine times the price of other dosages.

One person’s lament about the price of Asacol HD jumping from $50 to $600 is shared on YouTube. Fortunately, he could afford the new price and had some extra medication he could take. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky.

To quote his video, the “only reason the companies will stop doing B.S. like this is if people stand up to it and say ‘That is not okay!’” Until that happens effectively,  you can compare prices at local and online pharmacies to make sure you find the most affordable medication.

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