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Advair Diskus is one of the most popular brand name drugs for the treatment of asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It combines fluticasone, an inhaled corticosteroid, and salmeterol a long acting beta antagonist (LABA). With over 25 million Americans suffering from asthma, and an estimated annual cost of $3,300 per person, asthma patients are looking for any way possible to save.1

Advair Diskus costs $834 for a three-month supply at a local pharmacy in the U.S. Annualized, that’s over $2,500! While discount cards and coupons can help you save on Advair if you want to buy it from your local pharmacy, there are much larger savings online. Discount cards and coupons offer about 5% and 4% savings respectively. Ordering from a credentialed online pharmacy can save you over 87%.That’s over $2,900 per year.

If you need Advair immediately, and can’t wait 2 weeks or so to receive your medicine in the mail, then shop locally. When it’s time to refill, the best savings are by far found online. Just make sure you order from a verified, online pharmacy, such as those listed on Whatever you do, don’t stop taking your medicine.

We’ve made a chart to show you the savings offered through various programs. Take a look below:

Savings on three-month supply of Advair 250-50 mcg

Program Price Savings over Local Pharmacy Percent savings
U.S. Local Pharmacy $834
Discount Card Option $789.36 $44.64 5.4%
Discount Coupon Option $797.61 $36.39 4.4%
U.S. Online Pharmacy $759.90 $74.10 8.9%
International Online Pharmacy $108 $726 87.1%

Local pharmacy in New York City, International Online Pharmacy price as found on Prices collected 10/29/2012

And for your own convenience, here are links to pricing pages for all strengths of Advair. Happy savings, and stay healthy!

Advair Diskus 100-50 mcg
Advair Diskus 250-50 mcg
Advair Diskus 500-50 mcg

1American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology,

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