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Celebrex (celocoxib) is a top-selling brand name drug used to treat pain, tenderness, and stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis affecting the spine). It may also be used for primary dysmenorrhea, acute pain, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

For Americans paying for Celebrex out-of-pocket, the price is often out of reach. As shown below, at a local bricks and mortar pharmacy, the annual cost for Celebrex can be over $2,300. Fortunately, savvy consumers can save as much as 82% by shopping around.

Annual Cost of Celebrex 200 mg

Price Per Year Savings over B&M Pharmacy Percent Savings
Bricks and Mortar Pharmacy: $2,303.88
Discount Card Option: $1,933.00 $370.88 16%
Coupon Option $1,935.00 $368.88 16%
U.S. Online Pharmacy: $1,750.32 $553.56 24%
International Online Pharmacy $421.78 $1,882.10 82%

Prices collected 8/29/2012

If you are uninsured or have insurance with a pharmacy benefit plan that doesn’t cover Celebrex, your best savings option is to use a verified international online pharmacy. The cost for a full year supply of Celebrex – made by the same manufacturer that sells it in the U.S. – is only $421.78 from abroad. That’s an 82% discount over your local pharmacy – or $1,872 is annual savings! View Celebrex prices on For some people, these savings mean the difference between taking and foregoing this important medicine.

If you need Celebrex immediately then you may want to look into drug discount cards or coupons, since shipping times from online pharmacies may be a few weeks. We’ve listed sample savings above, but be aware that not all drug discount cards or coupons offer the same savings. Your best bet is to look into a few different ones, and then compare their prices. And don’t be afraid to ask your local pharmacist about savings; he or she may have ideas to help you cut costs. When it comes time for refills, you can use an international online pharmacy to save the most.

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