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Seniors and others on Medicare have enough trouble affording their prescription drugs and navigating the rough waters of finding the right drug plans. That there are con artists on the loose seeking to extract payments from the unsuspecting senior adds insult to injury. But savvy seniors will not be taken!! Here are the scams to look out for…

  • Door-to-door salespeople and off-hours calling; agents must have an appointment and cannot call before 8a.m. or after 9p.m.
  • Agents with invalid licenses. Confirm that they are valid and authorized.
  • Agents asking for personal information (social security number, bank accounts) before first bill has been received. The Social Security Administration will never contact you over the phone or by e-mail.
  • Unverified plans; check with 1-800-MEDICARE or
  • Prizes or rewards in exchange for enrolling.


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