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Shameless Showtime TV seriesThe December 17th episode of the television comedy Shameless provides a pathetic commentary on unfairly high prices of drugs in the U.S.  In the episode, the lead character, Frank, announces that, for a fee, he’ll help smuggle Americans into Canada. But, it turns out, what people really want is for Frank to buy and bring back their much-needed medicines–medications such as EpiPens, insulin, Invokana, and Tecfidera from Canada where they are more affordable.

Here’s the dialogue:

Frank: Cross the Michigan border right here. I am your deliverer, my friend. It just so happens I find myself between jobs, so for a small fee… Say, 200, plus gas and tolls, I’ll get you and your family across, show what that big, beautiful country up north is all “A-boot.”
Kermit: Hey, Frank, if you’re going to Canada, can you do me a favor, bring me back some Canadian insulin? It’s 50 percent cheaper up there. 
Frank: Sorry, going across on foot. No time to hit a pharmacy. Unless, of course, you want me to make time?
Kermit: You’re a rat bastard, Frank, you know that? It’s my insulin. Literally keeps me alive.
Frank: It’s your diabetes, not mine.
Kermit: Oh, fine, I’ll—I’ll pay you 20 bucks to get me a case of Canadian insulin.
Man One: Oh, who’s going to Canada?
Man Two: He is.
Man One: Buddy, listen, can you get me some EpiPens? My kid’s allergic to peanuts. They’re 600 bucks here, and only 225 up there. I-I’ll pay you whatever he’s paying.
Frank: Well, Kermit’s a friend. I was giving him the friend-price. My rate’s… 30 dollars per drug, per run, plus gratuity.
Man: Done.
Kermit: I-I was first. Frank, it’s Invokana. I-n-v-o-k-a-n-a.
Man Two: You know, my cousin’d take a case of that Tecfidera for his MS friend.
Frank: Gentlemen, one at a time. A man’s backpack is only so big.

The good news, however, is that Americans don’t have to drive to Canada or have a friend like Frank to obtain affordable medication. Affordable prescription drugs can be ordered right to your door through the verified online pharmacies listed on And, guess what? Those drugs from Canada are, on average,  87% cheaper—not just 50%.

Every year, millions of Americans order and receive their prescription drugs from abroad. It is technically prohibited under federal law, but the U.S. government has never prosecuted individuals for doing so to fill their own prescriptions for non-controlled medication.

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