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Spiriva HandiHaler (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) is a popular prescription medication used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In 2011, Americans spent $2.4 billion on it, making it the 23rd most popular drug that year.

Spiriva is a very expensive medicine at $1,031.97 for a 90 day supply from a local U.S. pharmacy. Considering that cost is the number one factor contributing to Americans not taking prescribed medications. With no low-cost generic available, Americans without insurance or whose insurance does not cover Spiriva Handihaler will too often skip their medicine, resulting in poor health outcomes, including, but not limited to, hospitalization and emergency room visits.

Fortunately, there are ways to save including by using discount cards, drug coupons, or online pharmacies. In fact, by using an international online pharmacy, you can save over $3,200 a year by paying only $205.47 for a 90 day supply! If you need your medication immediately, you should use a drug coupon or discount card at your local pharmacy, which will save you 17%. Check out our price table below to view the best prices on Spiriva Handihaler.

Savings on 90 Day Supply of Spiriva HandiHaler

Program Price Savings over Local Pharmacy Percent savings
U.S. Local Pharmacy $1,031.97
Discount Card Option $854.81 $177.16 17%
Discount Coupon Option $853.96 $178.01 17%
U.S. Online Pharmacy $749.70 $282.27 27%
International Online Pharmacy $205.47 $826.50 80%

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