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Wholesale Drug Importation; It’s Nothing Personal

This week, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed into a law HB 19 to create a state prescription drug importation program. The goal is to lower the state’s prescription drug bill and the prices Florida residents pay at pharmacy counters by importing lower-cost medicines from Canada and other countries that have similarly strict pharmaceutical regulatory standards.

The main point of this blog post is to state that this law in Florida, much like the laws that have passed in Vermont and Colorado, create WHOLESALE not PERSONAL drug importation programs.

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Florida’s House Drug Importation Bill – HB 19 – Easily Passes

Yesterday, the Florida House Legislature voted 93-22 passing HB 19. The bill creates programs and processes for importing prescription drugs from Canada, as well as from other countries. HB 19 actually calls for the creation of two programs, which I have summarized below. For a deep dive, you should read the Staff Analysis from the Florida House of Representatives.

Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program (CPDIP)

If HB 19 becomes law, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) will create processes that meet the safety protocols called for in the bill, which include inspections and testing of drugs, to allow registered wholesale pharmacies to import from Florida-registered Canadian wholesalers. In this program, lower drug prices will save taxpayers money for government funded-entities, such as county health departments, free clinics, and the Department of Corrections.

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