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Dar a conocer farmacias en línea que sean seguras y económicas es importante debido a la necesidad de mejor seguridad social para las comunidades minoritarias

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This article was originally published in English under the title “Minority Communities Needing Better Healthcare Means Highlighting Safe and Affordable Online Pharmacies” on the PharmacyChecker Blog on June 30th, 2017. It has since been translated by Pedro Diaz into Spanish.

En medio de un débil intento de Washington para “resolver” el problema de la seguridad social, los americanos seguimos encontrando obstáculos al tratar de dar prioridad a la salud de nuestras familias. Mientras tanto, los costos de los medicamentos siguen aumentando. Esto, en particular, pone en riesgo a las comunidades minoritarias.

La crisis que representa el aumento en el precio de los medicamentos va más allá de los grupos minoritarios, pero hay estudios que muestran que, comparados con el resto de la población, los hispanos son más propensos a no seguir sus recetas médicas debido al costo. Lo que es peor, ahora que los inmigrantes tienen miedo de salir de casa, es incluso menos probable que los indocumentados consigan los medicamentos que necesitan. Sin importar tu posición en cuanto al tema de inmigración, esta tendencia es inaceptable y debe combatirse educando a la gente sobre la existencia de precios más bajos fuera de los Estados Unidos; y sin embargo hay quienes siguen sin entenderlo…


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Medication Costs The Number One Reason People Skip Meds, According to Pharmacists

A major U.S. pharmacy has finally said that high drug prices are the biggest barrier to medication adherence. A recent study from CVS Caremark revealed that 62% of pharmacists said high drug prices are the most common cause of prescription nonadherence (not taking your meds) among their patients. Ninety-one percent of pharmacists said that cost efficient alternatives to expensive therapies would improve adherence.

While previous studies from the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries have mentioned that that cost is a barrier to medication, this is the first industry study to our knowledge that says cost is the primary barrier. Oddly enough, the pharmacy industry, including CVS and Caremark, is one of the industries profiting from high drug prices.

High drug prices are bad for public health. Medication adherence is linked to 125,000 deaths and 290 billion dollars in excess health spending per year (hospitalizations and emergency room spending, among others). High drug prices cause a large part of this – 48 million Americans did not fill a prescription due to cost in 2010.

Americans – both as patients and taxpayers – deserve access to low cost medication. As patients, our health is on the line. As taxpayers we are funding hospital stays and emergency room visits. Lower drug prices are needed in America – and the benefits go beyond simply having extra cash in your pocket.

And as far as savings go, remember to ask your pharmacist how to save. Generic medications, discount cards, and coupons offer some savings. For brand name medications without generic alternatives, you’ll find the best savings at an online pharmacy. Just make sure it’s safe and credentialed, like those listed on Whatever you do, don’t forgo needed prescription medication.

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How to Save On Januvia

Januvia is a top selling brand name medication used to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. It should not be used for the treatment of type 1 diabetes, or diabetic ketoacidosis, as Januvia would have no effect for these conditions.1

With over two billion dollars spent on Januvia last year and an estimated 20 million Americans with type 2 diabetes, Americans want and need lower prices. Annual cost for Januvia (50 mg) at my local pharmacy in New York City is $3,070.88. And that’s after asking the pharmacist for a discount coupon: without their discount it would cost $4,788! Seventeen-hundred dollars sure is a lot to save, but you can do better much better by shopping from a verified international online pharmacy. In fact, you can save $2,473 a year! Check out the price chart:

Annual Cost of Januvia 50 mg

Price Per Year Savings over B&M Pharmacy Percent Savings
Local Pharmacy: $3,070.88
Discount Card Option: $3,040.45 $30.43 1%
Coupon Option $2,911.32 $159.56 5%
U.S. Online Pharmacy: $2,703.00 $367.88 12%
International Online Pharmacy $597.60 $2,473.28 81%

Local pharmacy in New York City, International Online Pharmacy price as found on Prices collected 9/12/2012

If you need Januvia immediately, the best savings are found by using a coupon at the pharmacy. Once you have your temporary supply, you can then use an international online pharmacy. If you do, make sure the online pharmacy is approved by

Here are some useful pages that compare prices for various strengths. As always, happy savings!

Januvia 25 mg prices
Januvia 50 mg prices
Januvia 100 mg savings

1FDA Januvia Medication Guide, Accessed 9/20/2012

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